This I Believe

james - miami, Florida
Entered on December 12, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

If there is anything left, I believe it i all subject to change. I am no longer one voice but a voice among many that make a conglormatorate of soul and life. Everything I have ever been taught has now been subject to change. Even life, death and the afterlife. I wish I knew how to say a change is emminent in life and the universe but change happens to all and I feel that we are not getting smarter but dumbing down. I wish to say we are getting smarter as a race but in actually we are getting by. there is little to no indivualism or even originality. I am called a pessimest but what happens whenb there is so much order it becomes a standstill and progress halts? I feel nothing and that is how I survive by being asthetic of soul, I see too much pain with no hope in sight maybe death? Truthfully who wants to die? I want to live but I see the worst beginning where the most callous survive by looking at the whole picture, if you are weak you get hurt. You have to be strong to survive and see alot in between, I just wish I knew what is all for and about. life holds little to no meaning, yet darkness there is no meaning. I wish to be a help not a burden, but cant do another’s work, tht is how we got into this, pawning the buck off. I hope for a peaceful bliss, but know war is the only answer, it is emminent. Just as the end is.