This I Believe

Ben - Tiffin, Ohio
Entered on December 12, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Very few people enjoy their work. People usually blame the customers, their co-workers, or managers. The real blame lyes within the employees themselves. To enjoy work they have to make it enjoyable for them and everyone around them.

I believe that professional working humor creates a more pleasant working atmosphere.

Most people usually like to laugh and giggle. The more comedic activities going around the workplace results in this, and in turn makes them happy. These activities aren’t stand up comedy, but quick one liners or even funny sounds. Keeping these humorous jokes quick doesn’t irritate other employees, or even work performance. If anything it will improve it.. Do remember though that it is a work environment and jokes should be clean. No vulgar or sexually oriented topics. If the comedian is lucky those listening will also become involved.

When I started working in a grocery store as a bagger. I found myself bored and in a sense depressed. After a while I became comfortable of my surroundings. Soon I started to joke around with fellow employees and even customers. The managers were always around and I had to watch what I said constantly. As I continued this action I noticed a change in peoples actions towards me. Customers notice me more and cashiers were more cheerful towards them. Even the managers who were opposed towards my humorous actions started to turn. At this point I discovered that happiness is contagious. When others or even one person is happy others can’t help but be happy too.

Happiness soon became difficult for me. When I was promoted to cashier. At that position I met more customers, than I did as a bagger. As a beginner I became very frustrated and my humorous behavior started to decline. My job suddenly became unpleasant and very stressful. I am not a person who deals with cranky people, and those are the exact people I was coming in contact with. As a bagger I met very few people with bad people, and when I did as a cashier I was overwhelmed. I dreaded going to work in fear of being yelled at by customers. I no longer joked around afraid that I will mess up.

Management knowing that I was unhappy decided to put me in grocery. Currently I am in the same position and I look forward to working. Sure I am around people more, but now I know who to stay away from. As a cashier I didn’t have that option. Frequently I visit up by the registers, and I have been told several times by the other employees that they miss my smile and laugh. At that moment I again discovered that I made the workplace bearable for other workers. As I became well known as joker in grocery, I was also noticed one of the hardest working workers in the store. Most managers approve my jesters and actions, as long as I get my work done.

So I believe that professional working humor is the best cure for the common work hating worker. My attempts at this were very successful and rewarding, and I encourage every worker to take these professional actions.