This I Believe

Aaron - Dennison, Ohio
Entered on December 12, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that everyone who has never had the chance to change the way they feel about sports and teams should have the feeling about being apart of a team. People need to know if they’re opportunity for them to succeed in life is on the field or a team.

My senior year in high school during a lunch break, I thought about something that would make someone else very happy and feel like they belong on a team. Michael Whitney, a handicapped boy who has a hip disorder, sits at lunch everyday starring around the room to see if anyone is going to sit near him or if they’re going to move away from him just because of his differences. Well I thought I could change things for him. People like Michael, dreams only come true if someone actually knows what it is and how they can grant that wish for them. I thought well what if Michael wants to become a Mustang football player for one night. During lunch that day I talked to my guidance conselor and asked her “would it be all right if I asked Michael to lead us out onto the field for our last game”. She said in happiness, “Aaron, I’m sure Michael would love nothing else”. I approached Michael the day before our last football game, and asked him if he could do one thing in this world that involved our school and football team what it would be. He said “I would like nothing else than to run out on that field and see everyone cheering for me and stand on the same sidelines as the football players do”. I felt over-whelmed. Hearing that made me think about how honored I am to be able to play a sport and being athletic.

The day came for the rivalry game against Indian Valley, and everyone I talked to that day said how much they want to win this game. In the locker room for pre-game, Michael came in and told all of us good luck, and win this one for our school. We all huddled around and received one of the most encouraging speeches I have ever witnessed in my four years of high school from my coach. Michael led us onto the field, wearing his Claymont jersey and face painted in our school colors. The crowd never cheered so loud for us, but because of Michael, everyone that night was on their feet, even our rival fans were cheering for him. People now know how hard things can be for someone who can not do that every Friday night. During the game Michael came up to me and told me good luck and he gave me a high five.

People like Michael, makes people like me, realize how lucky we are, and influence us to work harder for what we got and how to use it. Michael and all of the handicap patients are an inspiration to this world. This is why I believe that everyone that has never had the chance, like my friend Michael, to change the way they feel about sports and teams, should have the feeling about being apart of a team.