This I Believe

Travis - Indiana, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 12, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe in following your feelings. There are so many of us that do what we think someone else might like or want from us. There are so many times when friends, parents, teachers tell me, “Are you sure that is possible?” or “Why would you do something like that? Aren’t you content with your life now?” They have even told me, “Are you serious?” My personal favorite is the laugh, “Ha!” I believe in going with your gut instinct feelings.

There were times that I was the only one that knew I could do it or that a certain path will lead me to be a better person. There are times when I had feelings about something and people raised their eyebrows at me. I have been pushed aside and almost have been told to give up or just settle with the circumstances. If I did not follow my feelings, I would have never been an All-American swimmer and record holder when some pushed me to feel that being on the team was good enough. I had a feeling that I would be a great marketing student even when I was denied the opportunity at first because I was a pre-dental student. Now I have a job in New York City and have represented my business college in presentations to future students. I have had feelings about certain music that I thought was good and would be huge. Some thought the music would not make it, yet a majority of the music has been extremely successful.

I believe if you have feelings for someone, don’t wait around or question him/her. Go up to him/her and talk to them! There is no sense in playing games or beating around the bush. Simply talk to him/her, call him/her, or ask him/her on date. If he/she has the same feelings, everything will work out. I followed my feelings when I approached this girl at the bar that my friends never thought would pay too much attention to me. Now that beautiful girl that I pursued at the bar is my girlfriend.

I understand people have their feelings and thoughts, but some of their feelings getting in the way I feel. I have listened to many suggestions and advice that have helped me along my life. Some of the big decisions in my life have always been made by the feelings I have had about the situation I encountered. Deep, truthful feelings, this is what I believe.