This I Believe

Brian - Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in America. I also believe no one should be able to choose whether or not others have the right to live and choose for themselves. This is why no one should ever be critical of a way others decide to live their lives. People should be able to live life to the absolute best of their capabilities. People’s capabilities should be as limitless as possible. It is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness which is what makes life great. I believe in the right to choose for yourself.

People do have the ability to change their minds, and by changing your mind you can change your life. When I was young my family lived in a bad neighborhood. My dad really wanted us to have a better life, so he started working hard and doing whatever he could to get us out of there. After years of hard work we moved into a fantastic and safe neighborhood. We are now a prosperous family, in a big house. My dad owns his own mortgage brokerage company. That just goes to show you that you can accomplish anything you want with a ton of hard work. If people can do whatever they want, no one should blame others for his own problems. If someone has financial problems, it’s because he lacks a work ethic.

Sometimes I’m watching TV and an issue like racism is addressed. Racism shouldn’t be an issue because when everyone has the right to choose, everyone is equal. So instead of people blaming other people for racism, they should look towards themselves. Race, religion, sex, or sexuality shouldn’t hold any bearing in any country in the world because it doesn’t tarnish the feats of anyone. With this in light everyone should realize racism isn’t a big issue. Instead of classifying and labeling people because of their ethnicity or other personal characteristics, people should categorize them as Americans. When I look at a black person I don’t immediately think of her as black. First and foremost, I think of her as a person. Secondly, if I continued to think of her, I would think of an American. That is the way it should be so that everyone has the equality of the right to choose

If things keep going on in a way where people are treated as if they are not treated, then in the not too distant future there won’t be an America, or at least it won’t be the same America. There will be a country where people don’t use their ability to choose to its fullest because they’d like to blame someone else instead. No one can be left out and everyone can be loved. I feel as if everyone should forget about the past and look on towards the future. If we see that anyone can be great, then this America that we all love will be restored to what it once was.