This I Believe

Joe - Newtown Square, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

This I Believe:

I believe in the warm and intoxicating feeling of coming home to a big family.

Throughout thick and thin, love and war, everything in my life can be going wrong, but whenever I enter the house to a loud family they always change my feelings. A day full of disastrous experiences and the inevitable dark cloud lurking above my head can have me in a terrible state of mind. I will be in this trance of horror as my day seems to be hurting me more and more with each passing minute, both emotionally and physically. My entire day has the capability of changing from bad to overwhelmingly good once my butt enters the house.

When I sit around the dinner table it is amazing to see the power in each others eyes and how much thy love to love, and love to live. From person to person, they are always changing. It is a known fact, that through the darkest of times, you will be okay as long as you know where to turn the lights on. A family of people who really care for you and understand your hopes and fears is a family of care givers. I could not ask for more than these six dysfunctional individuals I call my family.

A few summers ago, during the summer of two thousand and three to be more precise my entire family hit rock bottom. Each and every one of us went through a hard time that changed the way that we look out on life and onto ourselves. With the death of a beloved mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, this amazing woman touched each person within our household by just giving you the casual “I hope your having a good day,” kind of glance. As each day moved into weeks I miss my mother even more, with even the smallest of daily task throughout a day the emptiness in my heart reminds me of what I have lost. The emptiness asks me the same question each and every day of my life, will I be able to move on and live every day how it is supposed to be lived? The death of any human being strikes each and every person in a different way; it could either tear you apart, or push you closer together with those you love. For me, the answer is yes! I have the help of my family as we support each other with nothing more than love and hope.

From hospital to funeral home, and church to the house, our lives were to never be the same again. Just when I thought that all hope was gone, I was wrong. Having this large family filled with people to have that share a genuine care for you is impeccable. I know for a fact that I would not have been able to survive on this planet if it was not for my family. We may yell at each other some times, we may fight and throw those obnoxious comments towards one another, but, what we feel in our heats is able to surpass all of those frustrating remarks.

If you were to take a walk in my shoes for a day, the only thing you would get out of it would be to cherish your family more than you cherish yourself.