This I Believe

Damian - Media, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in Riding ATV’s.

I believe in finding an escape, to find a way out, just for a little while, from all the worry and problems, and troubles I have in my life from whatever might bothers me, from the constant screaming in my head, the pounding of the ideas that won’t let me move on…ideas that won’t leave me alone. I believe in finding an escape from all that.

If I have been having a bad day I will come home from school, get off the bus – the big yellow bus – I am forced to ride, and walk down my very own drag strip leading to my house. I unlock the door and click goes the lock back into the door. I walk through, grab my key with the Looney Toon key chain, and start up my ATV. The moment I ride out of the garage listening to my music playing in my ears, I enter this state of mind where I am free, that I have no more worries, no problems, and no one to catch me I’m all alone and I like it. Of course, my whole block can hear me clicking through the gears as I tear up my backyard leaving the two trails of dirt lines that are all around my yard, but for them that’s all they see, they can’t see me on top of my ATV cause I’m alone in my own world. I keep riding along free as can be.

One time after school I came home, this was a couple days after my mom moved out of the house cause of the divorce that had happened recently, I felt like something was missing. It bothered me, tortured me and confused me, cause it was a change that was so dramatic I didn’t know how to cope with it. I sat around thinking. My friend called me to chill but I told him I wasn’t in the mood. I sat some more. Then I decided something. I got up, grabbed my key and rode away into MY world. I rode around my yard leaving the two dirt trails as usual, started hitting the ramp me and my friend made in his back yard and just cruised around.

When I got back. I turned off my ATV, and choose to call my friend back to see if he wanted to chill still. He told me yea sure, and I went up to his house to hang out without a problem or feeling of discomfort in my mind. I believe in riding ATV’s because if we don’t get away sometimes, I believe we will all go crazy. I believe everyone needs to find this. I believe in finding an escape.