This I Believe

Colton - Troy, Idaho
Entered on December 12, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Has anyone ever heard of Wally Dallenbach? Yes he’s a NASCAR driver and he

also has his own hunting show called Track and Trail Adventures with Wally Dallenbach

And what he does is he goes to a deer farm and picks out a nice buck and buys it and then

the people that own the farm release it on to their high fence property and then he goes

out and shoots it and then claims it was a hard hunt and pretends that he actually hunted

the animal when in reality he didn’t.

I believe that hunting is not just a sport where you shoot critters just for their horns it is a

tradition. Ever since settlers arrived on our continent and even in other countries like

Africa hunting was a necessary part of making it throughout the winter and keeping your

family alive, they didn’t hunt for horns they hunted to stay alive.

Now days people hunt to get the biggest buck or the biggest bull and some people shoot

trophy animals and just take the horns and I don’t agree with that I am a trophy hunter my

self but I also harvest all of the meat I possibly can to fill up my freezer and I am willing

to shoot a doe or a cow just because I need the meat.

I don’t have any problems with people that go out looking for the trophy and is only

hunting for the big ones just as long as they take the meat and eat it or give it to

somebody that needs the meat and will eat it.

I don’t agree with the way hunting is being portrayed and turned into it is a game or a

sport to a lot of people and they are starting to use farms like Wally Dallenbach or

feeders that they use in Texas a lot and food plots that are pretty popular in the southern

states I think it is cheating and those people that use those things shouldn’t be able to

hunt because they are just turning it in to something that it isn’t or wasn’t meant to be.

Hunting is also turning into a rich mans “sport” because slowly more ranches that cost

more than most peoples houses are being set up and the prices to hunt and all the public

land that people are able to hunt on are being bought by big city rich people that don’t

allow hunting on their property. It is slowly turning into a big city rich mans “sport” and

it is no fair to the people that are good honest hard working Americans that hunt the right

way and it sucks because the whole country is getting that way.