This I Believe

Christopher - Andover, New Jersey
Entered on December 12, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: courage

I Believe in Inner Courage

I believe in the power of courage. I believe that everyone has courage on the inside just waiting for the right time to surface. This belief hit me during my senior year in high school after being apart of a life changing event.

It was an ordinary Sunday afternoon and I was walking about the yard with my parents. Suddenly I heard a strange noise coming from the sky across the street. I looked up to see a small airplane skim over the top of the trees. It looked as if the plane was in trouble. My suspicions were correct as I watched as the plane clipped the top of my neighbor’s trees and then nose dived into their backyard landing beside their shed.

Along with all the surrounding neighbors, I ran to the crash site to offer my help. I quickly grabbed a five gallon bucket and started shoveling water from the pool onto the burning flames. Once we mellowed the intensity of the flames, I approached the plane. A neighbor pulled open the door to see people trapped inside. I helped reach in and pull out two young boys. Just as the boys were pulled away, the fire reached the gas tanks creating a giant explosion.

Unfortunately, the parents were not pulled from the plane before the explosion occurred. This was discovered after the fire department arrived and calmed the flames. They pulled out the two charred bodies of the parents. They were immediately placed in body bags and taken from the scene. The children were burned over 70% of their bodies and were screaming for their lives.

Both witnessing and being apart of this event, I realized the inner courage that myself and all my neighbors possessed. Everyone had remained calm and did what they needed to do. Many of my neighbors, including myself, were injured during the rescue attempt. This did not stop us from pushing forward through the piles of shrapnel receiving further injuries. Everyone banded together to do what they needed.

Just looking back on the event, I never realized that I could be apart of something so life changing. I had a rush of courage pass through me that I never knew I could feel. Watching all my neighbors risk their lives to help shows their inner courage pushing through. I believe that when time arises, everyone will have some form of courage race through them.