This I Believe

Kevin - State College, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 12, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, pleasure

I believe that a game can truly bring family members closer together. The specific game that I believe in is the game of baseball. Growing up one of the greatest influences as to why I love baseball now was my mother. I remember how she would get dressed in her full Pittsburgh Pirates outfit, shoes and earrings included, and get us in the car by 6:15 in order to ensure we could meet my dad downtown and not miss the first pitch. One time on the way to the game we were hit by another car and once she realized there was no major damage she gave the man our phone number and told him to call the next day because we were going to be late for the game.

She especially passed her love for the Pirates to my brother and me. There is not a day from the beginning of April to the end of September that he and I are not together, or at least talking on the phone about what is going on with the team. We have sat together through many rain delays in cold weather and sweated together through near hundred degree days to watch many games. Almost anytime he and I have the chance to go to a game together, we rarely pass it up.

My dad shares some of the same enthusiasm for the game that both my brother and I have. He has taken us to several home opening games as well as taken us to Florida to see the team during spring training. Shortly after my brother received his driver’s license, he flipped a car and needless to say was in trouble at home. However, he was lucky that the Pirates were at home that week and his punishment was going to baseball games with my dad all that week instead of going with his friends.

I know that baseball will be a bond that my family and I will share for a long time. My mother’s love for the game that she passed on to us when we were young will stay with us as we grow older. Hopefully we are able to pass the love of a game that helped bring us closer to our kids once that point in our life comes.