This I Believe

Mindy - Media, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 12, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in making things fun and exciting. Through the years I’ve noticed that the more fun you have determines whether you’ll enjoy a situation and want to re-live it. I also discovered that acting crazy and goofing off not only lightens the mood but also makes people happier.

As I walk down the hallway, trying to get to my next class, you’ll often find me sticking my tongue out or making a crazy face. You’ll also find the person it’s aimed at is laughing or making an even funnier facial expression. That’s just who I am and one of the qualities that I offer. When I was younger my mother would yell at me for messing up pictures and making them bad by sticking my tongue out or posing crazily. But I considered it more of adding my own flare.

My freshman year in high school is when I decided that being stiff wasn’t as fun. I remember getting to school and starting band camp in my last 14 days before going back to school. I felt cheated because everyone else had 2 more weeks to do whatever nothingness they chose, but I was here at school, half a month early, in the freshly mowed grass, with the heat blazing down and ruining my suntan which I had worked on perfecting during the last three months at the beach.

I had heard the horror stories of people fainting and throwing up and I had seen some of the worst sock and watch tan lines that people got from that blazing sun. So I had walked onto the field thinking did I really want to do this and five more hours until lunch.

It seemed to me that the people who added the most spirit and excitement were able to get through the day quicker then the people who sat there thinking “I hate this” or “Is it time to leave yet”. It also helped the people that weren’t sure they wanted to there by seeing the simple excitement that making crazy sounds and doing other kooky things brought to the situation. Before I knew it band camp was over and two weeks later we were talking about all the fun times we had and even missed the sweaty smelling shirts and lugging around the gallons of water.

The next year I decided to be one of the obnoxious people out on the field helping people get through their first week of band camp. After a few days, I saw some of the freshman joining me to make the situation easier.

I’d like to think I helped the “newbie’s” make it through, but I know they would have been able to survive all the same. But with my encouragement I think I was able to show them how much fun even the worst situations can be and how much fun band brings to my life. I believe in making things fun and exciting because the dull way just isn’t my way.