This I Believe

Justin - Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

Always do what is Right

Growing up, I was always taught one important lesson. That is to always do the right thing. No matter what the consequences, if I do the right thing, I feel that I won’t have any regrets from it. Today, this holds true more than ever due to the fact that I have a lot more responsibilities than I ever have in my life. And as I move forward with my life, I will constantly be faced with situations that will challenge me to do the right thing.

Making decisions often will be influenced by your morals, beliefs, and ethics. When faced with a tough situation, I think back to what I was taught by my parents very early in my life: always do what you truly feel is right in your heart, and you’ll never be wrong.

Throughout my life I have always believed this to be true. Of course nobody is perfect; therefore a person won’t always make the right choice. However, if you try to make the right choices as much as possible then you’ll live a much richer, more honest life. For young adults and teenagers, peer pressure can be a very strong influence on your decisions. Whenever I’m faced with peer pressure about something that doesn’t fit my morals, I try to explain to my friends that it isn’t something that fits into my life and doing it for me wouldn’t feel right. I don’t, however, try to push my beliefs onto them because that wouldn’t be right.

The most recent example of a situation that challenged me to stay true to my beliefs was when my friend asked me if he could cheat off me during an exam. While this may not seem that bad to some, Penn State takes cheating seriously, as do I. Also, allowing him to cheat off of me would be unethical on my part, as well as his. That is why I refused to let him.

As I prepare to graduate and start my career, a major part of my success will be sticking to my beliefs. That is why I need to make sure that I don’t slip up now or I may make a mistake that I won’t be able to recover from. This is why I believe the most important advice ever given to me is to always do what you feel is right.