This I Believe

Mark - Wellsboro, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe the World is in Equilibrium

I believe that the world exists in state of equilibrium, or at least I used to. Regardless of monetary or superficial issues, I once felt that everyone’s life was, in essence, equal. People whose lives were taken prematurely must have enjoyed life in a special way that others cannot comprehend. I also believed that one person could not be placed above another. If an individual were a talented, rich, successful businessman they were probably not enjoying and appreciating all that life had to offer. My theory was that for every good thing that happens to you, something bad must happen in return, or vice versa. It is this series of ups and downs that makes us realize what we have. If we never experienced sadness, how could we value happiness?

However, while everyone does encounter good and bad times in their lives, I feel that the pendulum of life is clearly skewed. As I sit before my computer pondering this issue, it is hard to maintain my theory of equilibrium. While I do wish that the world operated fairly, I must admit that it does not. The war in Iraq has taken many innocent lives, and although the causalities of war may have experienced triumphant times before their death, I do not feel that this is a just course of action. Maybe I created my theory as a coping mechanism in order to deal with the unfair circumstances life often throws us. Last year my close friend from high school passed away from cancer. As distressing as this was, I found that focusing on the good times we had shared enabled me to cope with her death. I reassured myself that she had lived a good life even if it was cut short. As the song says, “only the good die young”. While it is encouraging to believe that everyone in the world is on the same playing field, I sadly do not think this is the case. I simply hope that at some point during our lives we will all experience true happiness.