This I Believe

Tracy - Clifford, Virginia
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Love’s Great Power

I believe in the power of love because of what love has taught me in my life. Love is a great thing to give as well as receive. Love is patient, kind, and unfading. I found my true love in the summer of 1998. It was Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. It came in the most unexpecting way I had planned for. I had always been to church with my family every Sunday morning and Wednesday night. I was just a typical church girl who had a loving family and many friends. When I was younger, my father fell away from church all together and started doing things God didn’t approve of. I guess I could say this was my family’s worst times. It was hard for me and my sister having to tell people that Dad just couldn’t make it to church today or that he had to work late. It was also hard to come home, wanting to tell someone about what we had learned in church that day, and nobody really wanting to listen to you.

One day, I remember my mother and father picking me and my sister up from school. It was strange to me because Mom and Dad usually would have been at work at the time. On a regular basis, we would just get dropped off by the bus at the end of our long dirt driveway and walk the rest of the way home. At the same time, they both turned to us, smiling, and said, “Girls, your Dad has rededicated his life to the Lord and is going to start coming back to church with you. He wants to change his ways and is sorry for the way he has been before.” The Lord had somehow turned my father completely around that day from his old ways to get him back on the right path. Even though it would take time to get him back completely right, we knew my father really meant what he had told us. It seemed like a miracle to my sister and me. We were both very excited!

I now realized that it was Jesus Christ’s love that came through to my father that day. He showed him that He loves him, even through the wicked ways he had found to live by. I found myself lying on my bed a few days later just thinking about all that had happened. How could my dad go from an everyday drunk on a river, have a complete turnaround, and now, not only being a regular church member, but come back being a deacon of the church? As I thought and prayed a little harder, it came to me that it was, in fact, God’s unchanging love! He shows His love in many ways. This instance was God’s way of showing me His love because I had accepted Jesus as my Savior that afternoon.