This I Believe

Jack - Herndon, Virginia
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in comedy. Laughing, and more importantly, making people laugh, has been the very fabric of my existence. Comedy informs my actions and thoughts. “How can I make this funny?” is how I approach every situation. There’s no greater connection I can make than when I am able to bring some comedy into a person’s life, especially someone I don’t know. Comedy is the great equalizer. When people are all laughing at something, they aren’t worried about their differences. They don’t worry about their race, religion, or political predispositions. I believe if everyone in the world were laughing at least 50 times a day, there’d be fewer problems in the world (at least twelve).

My whole family embraces comedy. My parents put us in their ridiculous home movies (some of which are really only funny to us), and I do the same with my own children. I met my first wife through comedy, and comedy got me through our divorce. Comedy also brought me to my second wife (we even got married in a comedy club), and it’s what keeps us together. No matter how bad something is in my life, I know that later on it’ll make a funny story.