This I Believe

Michael - Delray Beach, Florida
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30


What is family? If you were to ask me this question four years ago, I would have said my sister, mom and dad. They are my family. I lived with them my entire adolescent life. My sister annoyed me, my mom took care of me and my dad supported me. As far as I was concerned, there were only three people that truly got me. People always say no one knows you like your family; in a sense, it’s true.

Along with my family, I also had a really close group of friends. You always think that your best friends at home will stay your best friends forever. My best memories are with them. We grew up together. However, when you go off to college, things change. It’s not really a big deal at first, because you see each other when you go home for breaks, but eventually, everything changes. At least for me it did.

Sophomore year my parents decided that they were going to sell our house and move to Florida. I thought nothing of it at the time, but that event really had an impact on my life. Instead of just being able to pick up and go home whenever I wanted, it had to be a scheduled visit. Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks became the only times I would get to see my parents, and my friends, I would be lucky if I saw one or two of them once a year. I thought to myself, what happened? When did seeing my family and friends turn from an all the time thing to a once or twice a year thing.

Eventually, I found myself thinking of my apartment at school as more of a home than the house my parents lived in. My parent’s house is now just that, a house, nothing more. I don’t have a room, but more a guest room I sleep in when I visit. I also began thinking of those who I’m around at school and the few friends I am still close with from home as family figures. They are the people that get me and are around me all the time. My parents have turned into those people I see once or twice a year. Its funny how that happens isn’t it? Your family raises you and prepares you for the real world. But what are they really preparing you for? In my mind, they were teaching me how to find my own family.

I believe that family is everything. Think about it, where would you be without them? You go through a lot in your life, but if you didn’t have family, who would you enjoy it with. I guess I feel it’s time for me to start thinking about my own family. Yes, my parents will always be my parents, but who will my family be? That is a question I have the rest of my life to answer.