This I Believe

Afsaneh - Lynchburg, Virginia
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in second chances and in the hope of success after failure. Everyone needs a break once in a while. Everyone needs a get out of jail free card. When it comes to myself, I find it easy to adhere to this philosophy. But when it comes to others…I struggle. I am usually seen as an individual that loves justice and rules. This is almost always the case. When I watch Judge Judy, or Dateline, you can always find me on the side of the victim. I do not have pity or empathy for the criminal. When I hear of a gruesome crime on the local news, you can bet that I have already deemed the suspect guilty before his trial. I am not someone who presumes innocence. I am a person who wants justice for all who do wrong. And my justice is usually harsher than our justice system’s. But I cannot help but think of what would happen to me if I got what I deserved.

All the times I have lied to my friends, parents, and sisters. The “little” sins I have committed in secret. The wastefulness I am guilty of when it comes to money. The jealousness I have towards others. My dissatisfaction with what I have, and my selfish ambition for what I think I deserve. If God was as harsh to me as I am towards others, I would not be alive. But God has chosen to give me a gift: a second chance to serve Him, to follow His Law, and to prove myself worthy of His love.

Yes, according to man’s standards, I am a good person. I have a job, and I help my mother around the house. I get A’s in school, and I have never done drugs or drank alcohol. But I am no where near God’s standards and His are the only one’s that matter. I am guilty of breaking every law in His book. Psalm 14:1 says “There is none that does good”. I am no exception to this verse. I have done nothing good in my life. The only good things people see in my life have been given to me by God. I have done nothing to deserve them. Nevertheless, God loves me anyway. He loves me more than I can imagine or dream. He has given me more than a second chance. He has given me life after death and hope after hopelessness.

As a Christian, I am supposed to follow God’s footsteps. I should give second chances to people around me. I admit that I have a hard time doing this. Even when I catch myself rushing to judgment, I find it hard to slow myself down. I would be lying if I said that giving second chances to the people that have hurt me is an easy and enjoyable task. However, it is something for me to work on, and strive for in my life. The life I do not deserve.