This I Believe

Thomas - Atlanta, Georgia
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: carpe diem

It seems that during all parts of my life I have found myself wanting to keep on working and not take time to let myself recover from all the stress life has to offer. A clear example of this was my job during last summer. At first I did not mind the job because I was making some good money. After some time, I felt like I was Milton Waddams from the movie “Office Space” wanting to burn Initech down. After a nice vacation at my friend’s lake house, I returned to work and finished my last few weeks at my job with a better attitude. I believe that taking a vacation to rest and relax is important for getting through tough times.

Budgeting time is part of becoming a responsible adult. In college, there is no way that you can succeed by partying the whole time. Some people argue working throughout college brings them the best results in their classes. However, with this because you can get burned out from too much schoolwork. That is why schools give breaks throughout the year. If students did not have breaks, there would be a lot of stressed students. Even with those breaks it is important for students to enjoy and relax even if it is an hour long or a few months long. An example of this is having time to take a break from this narrative that I am speaking now. I woke up with better ideas for this project. When school offers you a vacation, go take a nice one.

In the workplace, having time to take a break and relax is crucial to being productive. This is why workers receive time to take a vacation. In addition to the example already given, I had been working as a camp counselor. I got a week off to take time away from the annoying kids I dealt with five days a week and help me finish up the rest of the summer. After a nice vacation where I was able to relax at home and hang out with my friends, it is easy to come back and do some more of your job until you are either finished or have another vacation. When you get through a project or whatever your job calls for, it is in your best interest to take a vacation or some time off because that vacation will get then to come back without as much stress. You will be able to bring better results on your next project because you will not be burned out.

Living a stress free life is a crucial part of getting through life successfully. You can keep a cool head on your shoulders to take on your challenges properly. It helps you get better results in life, and also live a healthier life. In the end, taking a relaxing vacation can help you be more productive at your job, rather than wanting to burn Initech down like Milton did.