This I Believe

nate - lynchburg, Virginia
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe if you ask the average atheist why they believe there is no God, nine times out of ten they will inform you of there plethora of knowledge about scientific evidence. They will tell you that scientists have uncovered fossils and have DNA testing that tell us the Earth is millions of years old. They would tell you that our existence and everything around us the cause of an accidental cataclysmic accident. To this response I pose the question: Does God have the ability to create things with the appearance of age?

I too, like the atheist, put much of my belief in a God on hard factual evidence. The Earth, in appearance, may very well be millions of years old. But did God create it that way? I believe our Creator has the ability to create things with a “few added years

For example, Jesus first miracle was turning the water into wine at the wedding banquet. The host of the party asks the question, “Who saved the good wine until now?” Good wine is made through a long process of aging. Jesus possessed the power to create aged wine.

When Adam was first created by God, he was a middle aged man fully capable of speech and intellect. God had made Adam aged already. He picked fruit from fully grown trees and named animals that had already progressed out of their early years. Eve was also created in this same fashion. Although the thinking of an atheist may, at times, seem rational and very sensible, the God of the Bible has proven his existence in many forms. Some times the average reader has to look at the Word a little deeper and with assistance from the Holy Spirit to understand the small subtle ways God reveals Himself to us.

For years, the man that has no belief in God has been trying to figure out how his existence and his environment has been made. God shows us from the first verse in His Word that He is the creator of all things. Genesis 1:1 states, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth.” In my opinion there is no greater verse in the Bible that proves God existence and his complete and total omnipotence.

Our universe and everything that is around us is made of three things; time, space and matter. Time is created of three things: past present and future. Space is created of three things: height, width and depth. And matter is also created of only three things: gas, solid and liquid. God involves all aspects of His masterpiece, our universe, in one simple verse. He tells of time by stating, “In the beginning.” He then tells of our space by stating, “God created the heavens.” Then, finally includes the subject of matter by stating, “and the Earth.”

He also, as if to show his absolute power, puts His name in the middle of the verse, “God.” God is also created of three things: Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. In one simple verse God explains what man has questioned since the beginning of time. He does not allow you to go any further in His word without letting the reader know that He is the creator and controller of all things. We serve a God that loves both the atheist and the believer. I feel most atheists voluntarily choose to not believe in a God because they know that by believing in Him, they will have to make a change in their lives. I base my belief on God through facts and through the change He has made in my life.