This I Believe

Jacklynn - La Vista, Nebraska
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

“This Is Due Tomorrow”

I am a high school senior with a million and one things to do and yet here I am writing this essay. Why? Because this essay is due tomorrow. I have psychology projects, government studying, club planning, and scholarship writing to do, and yet hear I am merrily typing away.

The thing is: I’m not complaining. I like writing, so this is no painful bourdon. Writing an essay to NPR is something I had distantly contemplated doing a while ago, in fact. But I hadn’t because I lacked real motivation, and a real threat. So, when pondering of a topic for this essay, and considering my previous lack of motivation, I realized: I love deadlines.

I cannot function with out a deadline intimidating and glaring at me as I frantically write what I have to write or do what I have to do. Deadlines lines are like those mean mentors who are terse with you for your own good. You hate them, but you realize later they’re only doing it because they love you. Without deadlines I would not be as driven as I am. I’m not lazy, to be sure, but when something is optional it goes to the end of the list. Even though I have to do all those things I have to do, they don’t have tangible due dates and that makes all the different for moi. Without that looming due date and stress, what’s my motivation? If I’m not anxious and hurried, what am I? Relax, contented, and happy?! Pa-shaw! I need the encouraging poke of a good deadline in order for me to do what I need to do. Without one, I can see the allure of going above and beyond, but hey, I can succeed tomorrow. And there are an infinite number of tomorrows to schedule things on.

Deadlines know what’s what. They aren’t going to force you to look at the bigger picture and make you feel insignificant compared to long and treacherous Road of Life. Deadlines are, in the long run, a good thing. I believe that the power of a dead line over an individual is sacred thing. Without deadlines I would feel so unstructured. Like I was vapor drifting around at leisure with nothing really to do. Deadlines give one a sense of accomplishment, without the meticulous thought that goals require. Deadlines, in a way, are like lazy goals that are just casually slapped in your face like a wet rag. And I kind of like that about them. Deadlines aren’t going to judge me if I, for some unfathomable reason, don’t finish my work. I missed the deadline and that’s that. In fact, I hate goals; you never have to write a scholarship essay on what your deadlines are.

Things just need deadlines. I just need deadlines.