This I Believe

Ashley - Jacksboro, Tennessee
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Good First Impressions

My main philosophy in life is, make a good first impression. I try to live by this daily. I have two reasons that guide my philosophy.

My first reason is I never know when I might run into that person I met again. The saying, “it’s a small world” is often very true. You may meet someone at a restaurant, and years go by and you forget all about them. Years down the road you run into them again, and they remember you. I don’t want them to remember me as the person that was rude to them. I want to be the person that done something as simple as smiling or saying hi, that made their day just a little better. When I think about it, it probably takes more effort to be rude to someone than it does to be nice. Most people say, “I will never see that person again.” But, more than likely somewhere in your life you will run into them again.

My second reason that guides my philosophy, make a good first impression, is I don’t know what affect my words or actions may have on someone. If I said or did something rude to someone, it may have ruined the rest of their day. But, if said or did something nice it might make their day a little better than what it was. There are people in this world that are miserable. They feel they have no one. One nice thing I say to that person could change any thoughts or decisions they may have made about their life. I believe when you are nice people see this, and may want to be a person that gives someone else a compliment or smile. By setting a good example, it may have an effect on others and become contagious. I believe in setting a good example, because people are watching. By being a walking example, people will see you and eventually it will catch on.

My life philosophy helps me get through the day. At the end of the day, I don’t want to look back and regret anything I did or said to someone. I want to feel good about myself and my actions. The world is not perfect, but I believe if just one person can help, it does make a difference.