This I Believe

Douglas - Lynchburg, Virginia
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that characteristic trait of respect is one of the most important tools I should carry with me. Along with this trait come honesty, trust and integrity. The word respect can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. The word respect has carried a heavy meaning into the way I live my life. Throughout my high school experience I believe that the way I acted, on the lines of respect, allowed me to have more success. Walking through the halls everyday I would watch my fellow peers be disrespectful and rude to the administration and staff. I; however, felt that it was important to set a moral standard that I would be respectful to all of my teachers and authority figures through my years of education. The outcome of this moral standard did more for me then I ever expected it to. It gave my teachers and I an outlet in which we could communicate without a struggle of who has the power. I believe that by my example of being respectful to my authority figures, I also affected my friends in the process. They too began to reflect this moral standard of respect. I had a few of my teachers individually thank me for showing them respect and also showing others that respect is a give and take thing. They realized if they showed respect to their authority figure, they would receive that same respect in return. I believe with this tool I can grow up to be a man of honor and integrity. I want others to see that there is something different about the way I treat myself and also those around me. When I finished high school I was grateful that I didn’t diminish my name by how I could’ve acted towards my peers or my teachers. I left Souderton Area High School with respect for and from my teachers. I now have a new place to honor this trait. Here at the University I am attending, I am able to show not only my teachers and my fellow students respect, but also my other administrative authorities. I will admit that I first it wasn’t easy. It seemed as though all I was doing was checking in with a baby sitter all the time; but then I remembered how far respect got me in high school. I began to respect all of the authority figures in my life and I believe that respect can take me as far as I am willing to go. Life is full of people who aren’t willing to submit to the authority system that surrounds them. I am glad that I have already begun preparing myself for the future. Respect cannot be over looked because of how much it stands out in the world today considering the way kids are known to treat their elders these days. I believe that my healthy habit of respect is going advance my ability to succeed in the work place and ultimately in life.