This I Believe

James - Lynchburg, Virginia
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Life, A Roller Coaster

I believe life is a series of ups and downs and twists from side to side, much like a roller coaster. The things we want and need are like reaching the top of the mountain and knowing that you would like nothing better than to stay on top. As the roller coaster starts going down you realize quickly that its not easy staying on top, quickly it starts going down faster and faster, and then you reach the bottom of the first hill. Then you know that the next time you go back up your going to need to build up all the speed, strength and tenacity to get back up.

Moreover, you fly up the next hill, but you never get to stay there long, then you notice a series of loops coming up and your life is in a weird and uneasy tale spin. The loop sends you round and round and it feels like it will never end, but you still keep hope that it will end. Then you notice more sets of hills and valleys on your ride through life and then it all starts to come to a slow, but sudden stop. You have lived your life and the way you lived it is displayed by the way you conquered your hills and kept your head up in the valleys. There may be things that you will never forget and maybe a few you regret, but overall you feel like you have lived your life to the fullest like an out of control roller coaster at times, but knowing that you or nobody else really has full control of it. The roller coaster ride is over, but you also know you would do anything to ride it again. The roller coaster we call life is a very unique ride for every one of us, but it’s the way you handle the forces of life interesting and nobody can take that away from you.

So I guess my conclusion would be to take life and grab it by the horns, try to hold on because it’s going to be a rough ride sometimes, but in the end, even if you fall off life will pick you back up and it will continue. In all of my experiences life has treated me ok at times and then others it slaps you right in the face just when it seems like you have it under control. My life hasn’t been easy so far and I don’t expect anything different, but you wish that it would give you a break sometime. The rigorous aspect of living each day to the fullest and doing everything we can because why should I put off the things I can do today to tomorrow. The great walk through life has a beginning and end so I think we should fill it up while we can. And well that’s life.