This I Believe

Jonathan - Maryville, Tennessee
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

Many things during our lifetime are held in high regard. Whether it be money, a car, a house, or a hobby, something out there every person values extremely. People today sometimes lose sight of what they hold dear, but eventually we all come back to it. Early in life I realized that the world was going to be tough on me and I would need to toughen up with it.

I believe in Family. The experiences, lessons learned, and priceless memories are more valuable to my own person than anything else on this world. Family doesn’t consist of the blood relatives you share chromosomes with. I mean it does, but that isn’t the whole part of your family. The people who care about you, who want you to succeed, the people who offer a helping hand and you know you can count on them, THAT is your family.

When I was growing up my family was very poor. When I turned three my mother and step dad had been hired into descent jobs and were stricken for money. They couldn’t provide for me the ways they wanted to. My grandmother knew how hard they were trying to give me what I needed, and occasionally what I wanted. Knowing this my grandmother opted to take care of me until they could get on their feet and be able to provide for me the way they wanted to. I lived with my grandmother for 5 years until my parents were well established, I finally came home when I was around seven years old. My grandmother already had enough bills on her, but she had more to spare than my parents did. Knowing that I would be a large burden, as any small child is on any grandparent, she took me in to ensure that I could have a better life.

When I got older my step dad was in a bad motorcycle crash and the Doctors were already fitting him for a toe tag. During this time my family was consumed with bills and the trauma of losing someone immediately in the family whose time was cut too short. My friend that I’d known since kindergarten came to the hospital when I was there the first day, he came in and offered me his condolences and said that he had talked with his family and they had offered me to stay with them for awhile. He was never opted to do so, but because he had been a part of my life so long he was family and knew it was a families obligation to do so. Luckily my father pulled through, but I will never forget his actions on that day.

Today I am twenty two years old and I have lived a very unique life, as most of us have. During my trials and tribulations I have learned many aspects about life, good ones and bad ones. I may not be able to accomplish all of my goals and I may even make bad choices in life. But no matter what I know that when I truly need help, Family will be there to help me. This I believe.