This I Believe

Chrissey - Lynchburg, Virginia
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Do you want to know why people are so uptight, worried, and anxious? It is simple because they have forgotten how to laugh and enjoy life. I know of so many people that have far too many frown marks on their faces because they can not seem to find anything to laugh about anymore. The hurried lives of the world today are far too complicated to sit down and have a good laugh, and enjoy it.

I firmly believe that laughter and joy can make anything better. I take this belief from watching children. Even the word child makes me think laughter, smiling, and joy. Kids enjoy life; they embrace it with every footstep. They fall down, they get back up. Sure every child has a tear a long the way, but the tear is made up for by ten little chuckles that escape from the child’s lips as its parents make funny faces to cheer them up. I can not for the life of me see how this childlike characteristic escapes from a human as they grow into an adult. It is one that is so precious to the world and should never be forgotten.

I look at my aunt who is in her mid thirties and stand at awe at her life. My aunt as never forgotten how to laugh and enjoy life. Her steps are full of pep and knowing that life is worth living. She has grown up, but she has never lost that childlike characteristic in her. Her laughter is something that so many around her enjoy. Bringing her into a room that is dull and boring is like turning a flashlight on in a dark room. The relief she brings to the table is amazing. People want to be around her because she as an air about her that is just uplifting.

My aunt has had her problems, no doubt, but what she does is laugh about her mistakes and learns from them. I have found that her laughter is what is keeping her young. She has a nice house, a good job, a dependable car, a family of her own, yet she still finds the time to laugh and enjoy life. She does not look like she is in her thirties and sometimes she does not act like it either. Her life stands out to me at so many different levels because of the way she goes about it. When I get older I pray that I will still know how to laugh at life. I do not want to be one of those people that waste their day away being worried about circumstances that are not in their control. I believe my life is too short not to laugh and enjoy it.

I believe that we need to live life like a child in the sense that we never forget to laugh and enjoy life. If the world could learn to laugh could you imagine the drop in stress and anxiety?