This I Believe

Ryan - Biloxi, Mississippi
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: tolerance

The word genuine means authentic, free from pretense, affectation, or hypocrisy. These traits which, when sowed into relationships of all sorts, reap amazing

benifits; a strong bond of trust, mutual respect, and the openness that it is common to desire in relationships. However integrity and genuinness are often

abandoned, along with all the benifits of these characteristics, for the artificial, contrived, and fabricated personality traits that often offer a much

better possibility of acceptance. I believe, no matter the scenario, it is dire and quite urgent for any individual to maintain a genuine and sincere heart

amoung many others who have committed themselves to the adultery of their personalities.

Personality is the visible aspect of ones character as it impresses others, or the

entirety of the physical, mental, emotional and social characteristics of an

individual, which embodies the essential character of a person. Personality is often described as the absolute, hands down most important aspect of any

person or individual. When someone meets another person for the first time, their personalities automatically start to communicate. The two search for

a mutual understanding, or common ground. Once a common ground is achieved it serves as a foundation for

the relationship as it starts to form. However, if the common ground is fabricated or false the relationships foundation is faulty. What happens

to a building with a faulty foundation? Either the building collapses on it’s own, or someone recognizes the problems with the foundation, knocks the building

over, and may or may not build another one. Honesty is an integral part of every foundation of any relationship. Honesty is quite vital.

Pretense, which is pretending, feigning, or a false show of character, is quite often

implemented into ones personality to garner social acceptance. We all remember the times in grade school when we took part in the ridicule of

some child quite undeserving of that treatment in order to avoid the ridicule being shoved on our own selves. No matter how this behavior grated against

our heart it seemed it was quite neccassary, better that person than one of us, right? This is an just one example when our personal character is

abandoned in order to garner social acceptance or security. It is a simple and powerful demonstration of the human nature. People, in all their carnality,

would rather see me hurt, or you hurt, before themselves hurt. In order to achieve this security in relationships and social networks, people dawn a

contrived facade; in case the attention of the bullying antagonists of the school yard play ground ever fell on them, their true selves would be so hidden

and unexposed that the cutting remarks they are bombared with could be disregarded almost entirely. This is pretense, and it is a false and decieving.

If we all just maintained an openness and vulnerability when encountering one another the pretentious, cautious, and scared will be done away with.

I believe is it important for people to accept others for who they really are. No matter how much one disagrees with another ones walk through life. Respect

and acceptance is what stops wars, constructs trust, and builds relationships that do not falter. I believe sincerity is an easy disguise, but i believe

it is something to strive towards, genuinely and honestly.