This I Believe

Scott - Altoona, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Men believe that they are defined by what they have accomplished in their lifetime. This is not so. If life was all about accomplishments, our athletes, actors and singers would be above the rest. At times it is hard not to admire what these people can do, but all they are doing is using their God-given abilities. It is nothing out of the ordinary for them to dunk a ball, act out a scene, or hit a high note. I am not taking away from how people with these abilities have gained fame, but rather I feel that fame could be better placed somewhere else.

Looking back at my basic training experience, I recall my first sergeant saying many of us would probably be shipped off to Iraq within weeks. For me I have yet to be deployed to Iraq, but I know that many of my fellow soldiers have. They did not have the luxury of attending a prestigious college and “Living the easy life,” as most would refer to college life. Realizing the different paths they have traveled, it has dawned on me that they have done many things that neither I nor you will ever have the chance of doing. They have been set up for failure and, besides what many say in the media, have done their fair share of good.

Being a member of the National Guard I feel I have given up some things in order to further myself and help this country of ours. I was able to help out the victims of Hurricane Katrina, but besides that, I feel I have done very little compared to those serving overseas. These men and women have risked their lives for something bigger than them. At times there is more scrutiny than praise. The thing we need to remember is that they are human beings just like you and me. They have been asked to help change a country, and a lifestyle.

These men and women will be defined by how they served their country. But there will be no fame or glory, only humble acknowledgement. I believe man is only mortal, they cannot be judged by fellow men. But if man is to grant fame, fame and admiration should be granted to those who do things not for themselves, but for others.