This I Believe

Melisa - Lake Forest, Illinois Mexico
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

“This I believe”

I believe in love. Love is a word that accompanies many emotions. I realized this one beautiful day when I was with each person that I love, my family and my boyfriend we were all together having dinner at home on Segunda Cerrada de Belisario Dominguez in Mexico city. I was sitting between my sister and my boyfriend. My step mom just gave me a plate of beef with rice. I smelled warm and salty the taste was amazing. I said to my step mom “this is so great, you have to teach me” then to my self I thought, this was made with love. We began to talk about when mi sister and I we were little and the good moments that we had together. I was hearing all of them laughing. My boyfriend was laughing about it as he held my hand in that moment. My sister was smiling at me. Moments like this with my family together and my boyfriend has made me believe in love.

So I started to think what love is. Love can be fun and exciting. When I am with my family I am so happy, enjoying each moment that we have together. I feel so comfortable with my self because they are part of my life, of my heart, and my future. Love is knowing we are always going to be together and helping each other with everything. Love can change you. It can make you feel comfortable, peaceful, and safe. Love is trusting someone and respecting the person even when I am worry about them.

When I am with my boyfriend, I feel that he is taking care of me, this love overwhelms my whole body I am just waiting for the moment to see him and see his eyes telling me I love you. I believe in love and the different forms it can take.