This I Believe

InHwa - Illinois
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

When I first arrived in America from Korea, for my first school year away from home, I was exited about the new environment at first. As the time went by, I slowly became melancholy. One day I wondered why I felt gloomy after I came to America.

I came to America to study three months ago. The biggest problem I have had in America is that I cannot communicate with people well. I wanted to say something but I did not know how to say it. That was the most stressful thing for me. They were some situations, which I have been misunderstood. I was trying to explain and argue with people but people were always cutting off my words. I was sad that people did not listen to me. In America, I felt that I am the most foolish person in the world. Although people in my school are kind, I always felt people were hypocritical. I felt people were smiling all the time but they were laughed at me and said bad words behind my back. I miss my home, friends, food and my life in Korea really badly.

One day, I realized I complained a lot and only thought about my food life in Korea. I did not open my mind to anyone and I was too shy to say anything. Suddenly something changed. I thought I could be happy as here in Chicago as I was in Korea. Now, I believe in today. Today is more important than memories. Memories are the past. They will not happen in the future again. If I am bound to my past, I cannot improve, I cannot be a better person, I cannot live for today. After I opened my mind and try to focus in everyday, I no longer felt gloomy. I do not have time to think of my past. I am satisfied in my life in America and do not miss my home really badly anymore. I want to live a happy life today rather than a sad life with only happy with my memories.