This I Believe

Jennifer - State College, Pennsylvania
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30


I believe in solid friendships. Not the kind of friendships that only require a weekly chat, but the kind of friendships that need a daily chat. It’s the kind of friendships that develop over college years. At one moment in my college years, which I stopped in my tracks and thought, “Wow, these people will always be my second family.” And my friendships are completely true friendships that will no doubt last my lifetime.

After several parties, dinners, and hangouts, I begun to realize that my friends that I have known since freshman year of college were good people to be around. Sitting around my living room watching nightly TV or playing a couple rounds of poker were fun times that I would never forget. One night last week all 13 of my friends were sitting around in my apartment watching the Food Network when I decided my friends and I should cook Thanksgiving dinner. Even though it took several days of deciding who was going to make what dishes, the meal arrangements were coming together. The date and time were set: Sunday, November 19, at 4:30pm.

The guys were going to deep fry the 22.6 pound turkey. The girls were to cook the rest of the food. My girlfriends and I were in the kitchen at 10 o’clock baking traditional Thanksgiving dishes, while the guys were outside doing “man things”, such as watching the turkey in the deep fryer. Through the hours of cooking, my girlfriends and I shared moments of confusion about recipes and moments of laughter about memories. Spending the quality kitchen time with them, was another incident that made me appreciate their friendships even more.

Before Laura, my roommate, said grace, it was at that moment that I felt like the luckiest person. As I looked down the table, I saw 13 people whom I have only known for three and a half years, but I felt like I had known them for a lifetime. I knew that these people were my second family and they always would be. I made everyone go around the table to have them say something they were thankful for, even though all the food was on the table and everyone was dying to eat. Everyone had at least one thankful thing in common, friends.

During dinner time, I could only hope that everyone in the world would someday, be as lucky as I am and have truly great friends that will be considered a second family.

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