This I Believe

Jacob - Clearwater, Florida
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in self control as being the method of living. Happiness in others truly makes me happy inside. I didn’t realize how much someone can effect how you feel by performing a random good deed that wasn’t even necessary. Then to realize what you just did was necessary and it just made that someone’s day. All through my life I searched for something not even knowing what it was, almost as if it was a empty part of my heart I was trying to fill with someone. I recently volunteered at the hospital were I came in contact with individuals who were thankful for the life they were given even if they were to die a month from then. It was then when I first realized the idea of helping others and how good it made me feel inside. It was as if the person I was looking for to fill my heart wasn’t a person at all but a feeling I just needed inside. To volunteer at the hospital almost made me feel that it was a step in my life I needed to live so the life I lived fulfilled my needs inside. I believe the things that happen in your life you influence and can change anytime. Certain things happen to set people on track and to not even know you have a choice is were many people go wrong. It’s sad to know that people who are true inside start in positions where it doesn’t allow them to find the fulfillment in their life needed, but I also think that every person is given opportunities at least once in their life to move forward instead of backwards. I feel the success I achieved was through great self control and no one is limited to that. Its about how you feel inside and living your life by that. There is no need to stress the faults of our world because everything can be changed for the better. The world now is such a diverse place that we all live under one roof in our great country. When my father went to high school he had very few minorities in his class, when I started high school I was the minority. Its now a way of life and self control is how you live it. I believe in my success so much that it will lead others to success. The world revolves everyday and until it stops we live on and the life we leave our children lives on and if its not great what did we live for? I feel that self control as a foundation would change the lives of many now and to come. I believe the ethics an individual lives by changes their lives from the start and forever. To have great self control can only show others how to have it. It’s something everyone could use and would change the face of this Earth forever.