This I Believe

Bruce - atlanta, Georgia
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: science

I believe that interfaces will play an important role in the upcoming decades.

This past century, computer processing has drastically changed the way we send information. Each year, the speeds of processors continually increase. The more speed, the more power. With more power, scientists are able to create better interfaces. Now that there isn’t much difference in power, what is the next deciding factor for consumers? It is the interface of course. The more attractive and more efficient the interface, the more likely the consumer will choose one product over another. Take for example, Microsoft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac. If you put the same processor in both computers, the only difference would be their interfaces. Consumers that like Microsoft’s interface will buy Windows while consumers that like Apple’s interface will buy Macs. Also, if people are new to the computer world then an interface that suits them best would be one that can be easily learned. This is also known as computer literacy.

I grew up believing that literacy was limited to being able to read from a book and being able to write a paper for class. As a child, I learned to speak Chinese through my parents but I never learned how to write. Is only being able to speak a language still considered literate? Literacy has become more than just speaking, reading and writing. Taking web design and computer science in high school, I remember both of my teachers explaining how learning HTML and Java was like learning a new language. I didn’t understand how computer science could be compared to another language until my English professor asked, is the knowledge of how to use a computer a type of literacy?

The computer desktop is an interface that allows users to communicate directly with the computer without knowledge of the things that happen backstage. Interfaces help people who are illiterate with computers to easily manage things such as files. Literacy isn’t just speaking, reading, and writing anymore. Interfaces such as the computer desktop have redefined the term literacy. Literacy is the ability to perform tasks with knowledge within a field.

These tasks can be as simple as using a computer to read world news to writing computer languages. With the World Wide Web, users all over the world with access to the Internet can send information through computers in an instant. There are many interfaces on the Internet such as email interfaces, forums, news websites, and search engines. Interfaces have already changed the Internet. The Internet connects everyone in this world. With interfaces continuing to change the Internet, the world of communication will be revolutionized.

In the upcoming decades, I think that there will be more interfaces to choose from other than Windows and Mac. I think that customizing interfaces will become popular. I know that interfaces will continue to grow. I know that interfaces will change much more than just a simple term. I believe that interfaces will revolutionize the world.