This I Believe

Emily - Bayside, New York
Entered on December 11, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Is life based on fate or faith? Is life a path that one must follow or is it a path that one can create? Many people will argue that there is no right or wrong answer. I believe that our lives are predetermined the moment our embryo was developed. From there on, we think we are in control of our lives and can control our future. However, I believe we can alter situations from going a certain way but it still remains fixed. To simplify it, I believe people believe that they run their lives but the decisions and changes they make were already pre-destined.

If life was based on faith, then why are the homeless still homeless? If life was based on faith, then why were we attacked on September 11, 2001? If life was based on faith, then why do some children have single parents? If life was based on faith, then why are innocent people dying from some kind of disease?

As a child, I grew up thinking a prince would one day fall in love with me and make me his princess. I grew up never giving up the idea that I would one day wake up in a castle with white horses waiting outside for me to take me anywhere I wanted to go. Little did I know that fate made the decisions for whom to be born into royalty. Little did I know that I was just another ordinary girl living in an ordinary world.

When I was seven years old, the unfortunate news that diabetes had taken my grandmother’s life struck me hard. For years, I thought life was unfair and pondered over why an innocent little girl had her grandmother taken away from her. I remembered believing that her health was going to improve and by some miracle beat the disease, but she didn’t. Because of this, I always had doubts with faith and never completely understood the cycle of life. And I most definitely never completely accepted reality.

At the age of twelve, I became an aunt to a beautiful baby girl. It was then I realized that life takes one then replaces one. All those years of resentment, all those years of confusion, and all those years of holding on to what was lost suddenly released from my grasp. I now had clarity on life. I now understood why people must lose someone in order to have new, additional happiness in their lives.

You may have heard of an infamous saying, “S—t happens.” I have to say that I disagree with it because you may think all the hurdles that you endure are random bumps in the road, but they’re not.

Life isn’t the “bad-guy.” Life is a fair player and things happen because they were meant to happen. Because of this realization, I now try to live without worrying and stressing over the little things in life. I also hope you live life accepting both the happiness and pain.