This I Believe

S - Beltsvill, Maryland
Entered on December 10, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: carpe diem

I believe that it is our God given write to pursue happiness. Too often we get stuck in the notion that you should go to college and become a doctor rather that an artist. We place unnecessary boundaries on our selves and our lives. I believe not pursuing our dreams accounts for many of our sickness and frustration. What if we became a cowboy as appose to a lawyer? Would our life be so bad? Not pursing our dreams kills the spirit. You find yourself going through your life waiting for that weekend, waiting for the end of your shift, waiting for the next holiday or vacation. I believed that just being alive is not good enough and does not honor the spirit that lives in you. Pursing your happiness is essential in living a long life. Pursing one’s dreams is the only way to go through life. Knowing that you are the captain of you ship brings fulfillment and joy. We as humans must be accountable for our own happiness and joy. We must take back what makes us who we are and not fear stop us from obtaining what we want out of life. Fear is a major, it will stop you from even trying, attempting and in some cases of even dreaming that you could have that new car or be a dentist at forty five, or going back to school at sixty. I believe that we owe it to ourselves to try. I am a thirty five year old woman with aspiration of owning my own business. I have allowed fear to consume my twenties and have just recently allow myself the thought I could be successful in what ever I wanted. I did not have to continue going to a job that I hated that I could shape my future into whatever I wanted it to be. I needed to have faith in myself and really want to be happy and to find it anyway I could. I owe my self that much. I believe that we only have but one life and if should be filled with joy and happiness.