This I Believe

Chassidie - D`Iberville, Mississippi
Entered on December 10, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

In a world full of distrust and misunderstandings, an person is considered blessed to have just one special someone that he or she considers to be a close friend. However, I feel that friendship can be closer than one would think. For myself, my own immediate family members are my closest, truest friends in the world.

My family is much more than five individuals living within the same house; we depend on each other. It has been my experience that, when the chips are really down, my parents and my two siblings are the only four people that I can be sure will stand beside me, and in the good times, they’re a barrel of laughs.

My siblings and I are blessed to have had parents who sought to develop a real friendship with each of us. Their genuine interest in our dreams has made us seek their advice and approval, and we are often better off for listening to them. In those instances when we make mistakes, they never reject us but support us as completely as if we never made anything but perfect decisions. For me, my parents are the very essence of friendship; their love can be depended on no matter where I go or what I do. The friendship that our parents have shown me is echoed in my relationships with my brother and sister.

Having my sister around is like having a live-in confidant. We share everything from secrets to clothes to a bedroom, and I would trust her with my life. Where as other girlfriends can sometimes become catty or feel the urge to share your secret with others, a girl that manages to find a true friend in her own sister can know that she will have a friend for life. I know that my sister will never betray me.

My little brother, the clown of the family, is more like myself than anyone else in the world. He and I have so many inside jokes that we almost have our only little language. He always knows just when I am feeling down and how to make me laugh. He is eight years younger than I am, but I prefer hanging out with him over hanging out with my college friends anyday.

Last year, Hurricane Katrina took our home. The five of us moved into the cramped quarters of a FEMA trailer and stayed there for the next seven months. Although the times were difficult, I can honestly say that, looking back, our FEMA trailer days are some of my fondest memories. The five of us best friends were there for each other, had fun anyway, and, a few times, laughed so hard we nearly tipped our trailer over. Hurricane Katrina showed me that true friendship could endure anything. I believe in the strength of friendships that can be found within a family, and I believe that the friendships of my family are the strongest that I know.