This I Believe

Nick - bs10 5hl, United Kingdom
Entered on December 9, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: science

I believe that when I look at the universe, the universe sees itself. I believe that I am a small part of the universe come to life. I believe that I was not placed here from outside, but that I grew from within. My very atoms forged in the furnace of a star. The patterns of my DNA and of my mind evolved from the endless churn of possibilities. I am dust become aware and self-aware. I am the living creation of a living universe. If I live, it lives. If I am aware then it is aware. When I look at the universe in the night sky I see myself. My thoughts are the universes thoughts, my memories are the universes memories and when I am gone the memories will remain etched. Quantum entanglement suggests that all interactions are permanent. The journey of a photon of light which shines from a star, bounces off of your face and comes to rest on my retina is recorded for all time in the great tapestry. Once we have met, we will never part. Likewise our words, our thoughts and our deeds once written cannot be erased. The meaning of it all is too great for my comprehension. Everyway I look I see only infinities. Look up into space, look down into an atom, look back to the singularity, look forward into endless time, each direction stretches out endlessly. The part cannot know the whole. I believe though that I am a part of it whatever it is, as are you, and my children, my loved ones, my friends and my fellows. We shall all live forever, in some way. I am happy to play my part and to enjoy this chance.