This I Believe

Brandi - Long Beach, Mississippi
Entered on December 9, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Brandi Bosarge

P. Modenbach

English 1115, Section 309

9 December 2006

Trusting in Someone

When I was growing up my father always told me to have a close relationship with God, well I thought praying to him and talking to him would mean having a close relationship with God, but what I did not understand until I matured a little more. I realized that meant I had to trust him, which was difficult at first, but I realized when you trust God to handle your problems instead of you handling your own problems, the result is so much more pleasing. That is when I knew how important trust is and that is why I believe the key to any relationship is trust.

Trusting someone is not an easy thing to do, when getting to know someone. Trust is not automatically handed over when you meant someone, but some point in time you have to learn to trust that person. By trusting God it helped me to trust other people and other relationships. With my best friends, I have an amazing relationship with them, because I can tell them anything and everything and I know it is between me and them.

Relationships without trust will not last, because there is not a true bond to share. I have been dating the same guy for about two years now and I trust him with all my heart, but it was not always so easy. The first six months were the hardest, but I realized that if I did not trust him then why was I with him? But it got much easier as time went by and I learned to trust him. Now he is my best friend and boyfriend. Although it took time I know that is the reason our relationship is so awesome.