This I Believe

Gabrielle - newport news, Virginia
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Power of music: This I Believe

I believe in the power of music. Music is a gateway to the soul it is used in most, if not every social gathering known to man. It is one of the few very rare expressions every human can relate to. No matter your language, culture or race, music is a vibration and a melody that can trigger your emotions with great impact. It can cause, you to laugh, cry and even be angry. It needs no translation or explanation, just a willing ear and an open heart.

Life has hoisted me into situations that have been completely out of my hands. I grew up in what seemed to be a traditional home, married parents and an older brother. Despite its appearance my life is quite different. My mother and father are both music ministers and my brother has Autism. Aside from these differences my home was a place where domestic Violence prevailed and Christian based morals were oddly mixed in.

From birth to the age of 14 I was constantly being thrown into a whirlwind of violence between my mother and father. Vulgarity and fists would be my daily dose of activity and entertainment. My life was one raging mass of confusion. I many time’s asked God Why? Wondering why he would give me this crazy insane life full of problems. I wondered how he could let me live in a world where my innocence was stripped from me, where I had to grow up faster than any child should be allowed. I became so bitter that at times I would blame my self for all of the confusion, constantly telling my self that if I wasn’t born this wouldn’t be happening. Many nights I would cry myself to sleep wanting to end my life; only wishing for a few moments of peace. At the age of nine I was given the opportunity to play the flute. I took music and poured my soul into it. Music gives me a sense of belonging. When I play, it is my escape, from depression, violence, and the pressures of life.

I use this as a positive outlet for anger. Music has become the only place were I fell completely free and safe. It seems to be the only joy my parents couldn’t and can’t take away from me. I find music to be my wings, in which I can fly away from every problem and issue.

Through high school there were many tempting situations being hoisted at me, sex, drugs, alcohol, and many other things. I joined band and used music as my defense mechanism trying to avoid these things at every cost. I completely surrounded my self with music using music as my tool to keep me grounded, sane and level headed. I believe the power of music can heal your body, and nurture you mind and heart. I believe it is the Gateway to you Soul. This I Believe