This I Believe

Evrette - Lanham, Maryland
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe we appreciate life most when we are at the brink of death. I believe life is 95% choice and 5% chance. I believe challenges build character. I believe in God and that he gave us one mouth and 2 ears for obvious reasons. My uncle James said, “It’s better to have and not need than need and not have.” I really believe that, especially, on camping trips. Someone said, “if a man doesn’t believe in something worth dying for his life is not worth living.” I believe that too. I also believe in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Imagine life if we all told the pure, unadulterated truth. Tell me the truth, I can take it. Sometimes the truth is like medicine. It’s not pleasant at the time but it can cure a lot of ills and make us feel a lot better in the long run. I know, some persons can’t handle the truth. Tell the truth anyway. After telling the truth, it’s over. The truth is easy to remember. The truth is like a spring morning, it’s refreshing. It needs no introduction and no embellishment. The truth needs no side dishes or condiments. I can’t remember when I decided that the truth is the only policy for me. But, I do remember a childhood friend, his name was Tony. We were best buds. We fought, we played and then fought again. One day, Tony said his family was going to an amusement park. He said I was invited. I was so excited. With anticipation I counted the days. I remember pleading with my mom for cash and making sure my favorite summer outfit was clean and ready to wear. When the day came I went to Tony’s house and waited and waited. I noticed that absolutely no preparation was being made for our adventure to the park. Tony’s brother and sister were not dressed for an outing as they usually were. Tony’s dad was no where to be found. They were a family. They always traveled as a set. Then I popped the question, “when are we leaving?” I will always remember the look on his mom’s face. She looked at him, he looked at me and I looked at the floor. Tony had done it again. I had fallen victim to Tony’s exaggerations before, but, an amusement park was serious business. I had faith in him. I wanted to feel and hear the thunder of that wooden roller coaster. It didn’t matter how or why this happened. I didn’t stick around to find out why. I didn’t care if Tony had told ¼ or 2/3’s of the truth. All I know is that it was a long way home to deliver the news to my mom even though we lived only five doors down. I believe the truth should be told no matter what. I’d rather have the cold hard naked truth over a well dressed lie any day. The truth only hurts for a while. A lie hurts forever.