This I Believe

Cameron - Mesquite, Texas
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that practice makes perfect. Just thinking back to watching my little sister learn how to walk keeps that belief fresh in me. Wobbling legs and tumbles usually cushioned by her face were all parts of the process. But what truly stands out in my mind is finally seeing her walk across the living room like Neil Armstrong walking on the moon. I even think back to when I was learning how to tie my shoes. Or how to eat a burrito with the insides falling all only the place. As frustrating as most of this was, trial and error only helped me to become more consistent.

I started writing and now I can’t stop. To me, writing is one of the best ways to express my thoughts and beliefs. And I didn’t have to be Langston Hughes or Edgar Allen Poe to be a good writer. But I eventually wanted to become as good as those dudes. And that’s why I began writing everyday. I write about anything and everything. I find inspiration in the smallest piece of crap and I write down the most random idea that comes to my mind. And throughout all the clutter and junk, this makes me that much better of a writer and thinker. Once I started sharing my work with other people, I enjoyed the feedback that I got, whether it was positive or an obscene gesture. This only made me want to write even more my craft. And even when I did get congrats or a “Good job” pat on the back, I always knew I could be better. There’s a voice inside my head that says, “That was pretty good, but if you did it like this, it would be even better.”

Through all the practicing and endless writing, I also found myself maturing in wordplay and becoming more comfortable with various types of writing, whether it was writing a short story, a narrative, or a poem. I basically put my heart and imagination into wanting to get better at writing. I picked up a goal and worked at it like I had nothing else to strive for.

Whether I decided to write, cook, or sew quilts, the more I practice is what will get me to the highest possible level in my skill. Practice makes perfect, and this I believe.