This I Believe

Jeremy - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: fear

This I Believe

I believe you should overcome your fears and it will pay off. Everyone has a fear no matter who he or she is or what he or she does. If that fear is not confronted and resolved then that fear will run your life. If you can learn to face that fear and learn to live with it, it will pay off in the long run. Many people in the United States live in fear of the smallest and most insignificant things that everyone else lives with in everyday life. I think that if those people were to overcome their fear of that object, or what ever it may be, then they will live a much happier life.

When I was hired at Chief Supermarket, I was very nervous. I was afraid that I would mess up or do something stupid. The first day I worked, I could barely focus on doing my job right because I was focused on trying to do it right and not get yelled at by the manager. At the end of the day, I was finally used to bagging right and bagging fast. I overcame my fear of messing up, and it turned out to be the best thing that I did that day. By not overcoming my fear I was nervous and realized that I was messing up even more, but by letting go of my fear I was able to be a better bagger and do my job better, so it paid off for me.

Many people don’t let go of their fear and they live miserable lives because of it. I believe that if these people were to let go of their fears then they could be much happier. My grandmother has a fear of birds, and because of it she does not go outside very much during the spring and summer. If she would learn to let go of her fear, then I think that she would be outside more instead of being stuck inside. Still, after many times of telling her that birds will not hurt her and that she should let her fear go, she still won’t. For some reason she still wants to hang on to her fear of birds when she goes outside. I tell her that she will be much happier if she were to let go of her fear.

No matter what your fear is or how it affects you, you can learn to let go of the fear. If you can learn to live with your fear and learn to overcome the fear you can live a happier life. That is why I strongly believe that if you can overcome your fear it will pay off.