This I Believe

Michael - Spencerport, New York
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe that sports are essential to a healthy childhood. I believe this because of the affect they have had in my own life, as well as the affect that I have seen them have in the lives of others. Sports are more than entertainment. They teach important lessons and skills that are applied to life every day.

Sports teach skills that are very important to everyday life. One such skill is teamwork. Through a team setting, kids not only learn the importance working together, they learn how to work together. They communicate with each other to learn the tendencies, weaknesses and strengths of fellow teammates. They learn respect for themselves, there teammates, and even the opponent. Football is a great teacher of teamwork. One part of the game does not work without the other parts pulling their load. A quarterback needs an offensive line to block. The receivers need a quarterback to throw. The line needs the quarterback to call the cadence. Every single one of them, need each other to execute their own responsibilities. This also applies to a work life. The boss needs his workers to work. The workers need the boss to instruct and supervise. The business needs people to buy what is being sold. Without the workers, the boss would have no product. Without supervision, the workers would have no plan to follow, and chaos may soon follow. Without the consumers, there is no need for the workers to work or the boss to instruct.

Sports also teach individual skills such as self-motivation. I believe every male has the drive to prove himself an athlete. Whatever the motivation may be, an athlete will find a reason to try and become the best he can be. Others may be satisfied with what they accomplish, but one thing that is taught at every level in any sport is to give 100% of your effort. And to do this, you must be motivated to give all of your effort. I believe motivation is the key to a successful life. I believe a person must be motivated to do something, or else it will not be done the best that it could be done.

I believe that sports also keep me healthy. Almost every sport requires some type of physical activity or running. Many athletes spend a lot of time in the weight room, trying to get stronger. Many other athletes run to stay in shape. Many other’s combine both weight lifting and running to stay healthy. I believe that sports are the best way to stay in shape.

I believe that sports are God’s gift to help raise kids into respectful and motivated people. I believe that sports have had a positive impact on every person that has participated in one. I believe that sports are essential to a healthy childhood.