This I Believe

Eric - Lynchburg, Virginia
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: afterlife, hope, peace

I believe in heaven; a world without turmoil. I believe in a world where all people peacefully co-exist. I believe in a world void of pain, destruction, despair, and death. I believe in a world where nations reach out to each other instead of trying to destroy one another. I believe in a world where ordinary men become heroes by their acts of kindness and grace. Although the world I speak of may not exist in this realm, it does exist. I have dreamt of such a world.

I’ve been many places and seen many sights, but nothing can match the beauty of the heaven of my dreams. Flowing fields of cotton spread across the valleys. The streets are lined with perfect strangers willing to lend a hand and show you around. There are no umbrellas or roofs because there is no weather to be protected from. There is only perfect sunshine. Not the kind of sunshine that scorches your skin in the summer, but a gleaming sunlight that keeps you warm in the winter. There is always a gentle breeze blowing that seems to wrap your body like a blanket; an ever-present reminder that you are protected. Despite my efforts, I cannot seem to find a world like the one I described.

I have often wandered this world in search of heaven on earth. As I walk the streets of this world in search of those perfect strangers, my thoughts of such a perfect world are severed by the sounds of explosions and buildings tumbling to the earth. As I seek refuge in a time of need, I am neglected by those whom I should be able to call “neighbors”. I take the streets in search of answers. I am greeted by perfect strangers who lift my wallet and smile at me as they pass by. Although it may not be evident in this world, I believe in a peaceful world that exists at the end of this one.

Perhaps the greatest part about the heaven I imagine is the re-uniting of old friends and family in a better place. I strongly believe that life doesn’t end with this world. Through this belief, I await the day I get to meet my mother’s parents who passed away when I was an infant. The thought of seeing loved ones who passed long ago brings hope to this often dismal world. I believe there will be one large family in heaven and perfect harmony between all members.

I believe in a place where every mouth is fed. Everyone goes out of their way to ensure that their neighbor is well fed. I believe in a place where every body is clothed. The unequal distribution of wealth and food seen in this world is not present in heaven. There is no poverty in heaven because everyone is equally rich with love. I believe in a better world where no child is neglected or abused. I believe in heaven; a world of peace.