This I Believe

Chris - Florence, Alabama
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

My Brother’s Keeper

Am I my brother’s keeper? I believe I am. I believe that without the aid and guidance of our friends and family we are left helpless against the onslaught of trials and tribulations thrown our way throughout life. I believe that we have a responsibility to those we love and our fellow man in general to keep an eye out for their well-being. I believe in being there when you are needed.

I came to college with one of my best friend’s from high school. Ryan and I took classes together, ate meals together, joined the same fraternity, we even had girlfriends that were roommates. This was the first time in my life I had spent so much time with some one outside my immediate family and the two of us developed an even stronger relationship than we had in high school. Through our time together I found myself relying more and more on Ryan when things were tough and in return he relied on me. We started to act as one another’s conscience, letting each other know when we thought something was wrong or irresponsible, often firing off warnings and sarcastic remarks at one another. “Don’t drink so much.” “You know fried chicken and cigarettes are gonna kill you.” “Why don’t you break up with her and take the underwear back.” Whatever the problem, big or small, I believe we can face it together.

I don’t believe that being my brother’s keeper means I should fix others problems for them, or stick my noses where it doesn’t belong. I believe it is being there when you are needed and a willingness to go out of our way to help those who are in need of help. I believe it is keeping a secret and honoring promises. Trusting and earning trust. I believe I am my brother’s keeper. I believe it is my obligation.