This I Believe

Joel - Lexington, Alabama
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Charles Darwin versus the Me and the Borg

Much like hemoglobin, adaptation is the key to a healthy heartbeat. I believe it is not only necessary for my survival, but for others as well. I do not speak of adaptation so much in the Darwinian sense, but more to the Borg in Star Trek sense. Darwin’s theories spoke to cell division and physical mutation in order survive. I believe in a different kind of adaptation that suits my own purposes. The Borg in Star Trek adapt to phaser frequencies in order survive. The Borg possess external shields that protect them from phasers in times of battle. The collective survives based on past experiences in battle involving phasers. With each passing battle a new frequency is introduced, therefore, a shielding adaptation must be developed. In this manner the Borg becomes stronger with each battle. In this situation, resistance becomes futile at least when battling me in an emotional sense because I have learned to adapt my shielding.

My battles, though many physical, still mostly have been on an emotional level. I refuse to succumb to the will others or the circumstances seemingly beyond my control. I adapt and act accordingly to fulfill my own needs. With each new battle my shields adapt to the frequency of the phasers shot at me. I have suffered the pain of loss. Many friends and family have been lost due to various circumstances beyond my or anyone else’s control. The most painful was the loss of Daria, my closet friend and much more. She was killed in a car accident. The pain was seemingly unbearable until I realized one important idea. Tragedy happens it is how we deal with it that sets us apart from others. Some become consumed with regret, still others hold on ghosts of the past in attempt to keep memories alive. I chose to adapt and move forward rather than clinging onto past I could not change. I moved forward. In order to move forward, one must be willing adapt. I do not pretend to believe that such change is easy. It’s just a part of life that everyone must deal with. The question inevitably is, “How will you deal with life?”

For many, it is much easier to lay down arms in order to attain the so-called path of least resistance. That path is not for me because an individual will never learn to overcome strife. Our experiences shape us, so just give me complicated. While I believe we should be willing to help others, individuals need to have the ability to stand alone before one can offer assistance to their fellow man. I did have the blessing of friends that I could turn to when times became rough. Always in the back of my mind I have known that pain is only a fleeting memory. The memories that really matter will be forever present. In the end, I believe that life’s resistance through tragedy and complication is futile because rather than be overcome I adapt.