This I Believe

Daniel - Mount Rainier, Maryland
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that everyone in the world at any age, any race, any sex, must have a belief. To have a belief is to have something to look forward to, something to look up to, and something to give you strength in times of need. Some people believe in God, others in the religion of Buddhism. Some people have the belief that there is no God. No matter what your belief is, something needs to fill that space in your mind that gives you the idea of where you stand.

My beliefs vary from time to time, as I am sure do yours, but one thing that needs to be kept is the belief itself. It helps us get through our day; it helps us with our homework. Sometimes the belief helps us make that tough decision that will get us in either one or another direction in our lives. The belief of a person is an amazing thing that can even get us through the toughest illness. To have a belief is to have power. To have a belief is to have control of your actions. As you are talking to someone or thinking of something to say or do, your belief comes into play as part of if not the main reason of your choice.

A belief can also have a negative side in our lives. As in many places around the world, the reason for fighting is due to a difference between two societies of their beliefs. Conflicts anywhere around the world, even inside your home between you and your kids or you and your parents, has to do with belief. If one was to simply stop, look at themselves and the people around them, and think that maybe that person’s belief helps them in some way; maybe then a simple conflict can be solved. Or maybe if a person was to just look at the fact that a belief is just that; a belief, conflicts would not start in the first place.

It is a simple concept and a simple idea, but then again, what is everything else? A simple concept can spark a revolution, a change in the world to a better place. A Belief is an amazing thing, and no matter what your belief is, keep it, for it will help you through anything and everything you need it to.

This, among other things, I believe.