This I Believe

Brett - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18

Keep On Keeping On

Being persistent is one of the most important qualities a person can posses. If a person is consistently persistent he or she can reach any goal that they may set. Everyone in life has their hard times, but if one doesn’t give in they will eventually come out of their slump and be right back where they were. On the other hand, if the people going through a slump give up on themselves, they will be in a position that they may not be able to bounce back from. This is why that I believe persistence is the key to leading a happy and successful life.

There are many times in a person’s life when they have to make a decision if they want to continue to pursue a goal they once set. In my situation it was the decision if I wanted to continue my efforts in maintaining a 4.0. The quarter grades had come out and I had a low B in one class. If I would have taken the easy way out and slacked the next quarter I could have received a B. But I was persistent with my past, worked hard, and battled my way back to an A. Perhaps the most valuable time persistence has helped me is not in one instance but a number of times throughout high school. There is, for everyone, a tremendous pressure to use drugs and alcohol. I was brought up in a household were the persistent teaching of not using drugs and alcohol was always a smart choice. This carried over through my middle school and high school years and to this day I can proudly say I am persistent in never using drugs or alcohol. A very large number of students have used drugs and alcohol and regretted it. Using puts students, already short, athletic careers in jeopardy of being suspended or even taken away. This is a chance I am not willing to take. It also puts students lives in jeopardy and life is too short and precious to waste away in a situation similar to that one.

Being persistent makes life’s difficult decisions easier to make. If one is always accustom to making the right decision all the time, when peer pressure, or any other pressures, come into play it is not difficult to make the decision one is used to making. Being persistent will make persons morals and goals extremely apparent to them. When a persons goals and morals are obvious they know where to draw the line in making important life changing decisions. This is why I believe that persistence is the most important quality to having a successful and happy life.