This I Believe

Brad - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: Under 18


For many years my father has been an inspiration to me and has taught me many things. He gives me many ideas and thoughts that I take to heart. He is constantly on me about my grades, which I do mediocre. I remember one day he was discussing my future with me. He said if I didn’t turn things around, I would have a difficult time pursuing the dreams that I strive for in my life. He told me, “Son, every mistake that you make now, will be with you forever”. I believe that his words on that night changed my mind on how my work ethic would be for the rest of my life.

I believe that the statement, “the mistakes you make today, will be with you forever,”is a statement that helps me to strive for a better grade or better work. Iget a feeling of failure inside me and I am forced to fix my mistakes when I feel that my work could be better. This is a good thing because I have noticed a change in my work habits. Not only the work habits of school and work, but also the way I practice during football and the way I deal with everyday situations.

An event occurred one day when my dad and I had been working outside. Our conversations included talks of how life was going, how football was and am I starting, and also about how school was going. Of course I try to tell him in the best way that I am struggling a little bit in my algebra class and that I might fail the first semester. Well, after a few minutes of arguments and disagreements, my dad seemed to lighten up a bit and began to tell me a story that would change my work ethic. He told me that when he was my age, he had the same problem. Within his junior and senior year, he realized he needed to shape up his work ethics and studying habits, and make things happen by doing better in school. My father saying that to me really got to me because I look at where he is at now. My father is a mechanical engineer and is also in the Air National Guard. This has inspired me because, if he had the same problem as me and is now successful, I can turn my act around now and still make what my dreams are in life become real.

In many ways, I believe that this conversation will stay with me forever and help me strive forward. I now try harder in school and work, and also considering this is my senior year, it is a good thing that I decided to turn my grades around and hope to enjoy an exuberant career after high school. So in the end I will take the phrase, “the mistakes you make today will be with you forever,” because it has changed my life and has made an impact in the way I work. This I believe.