This I Believe

Dana - Napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30


Every person goes through pain. You can experience pain at any time in your life. When I was younger, I always got my boo-boo’s that maybe just consisted of a bloody knee from falling off my bike, or me falling off the monkey bars. My mother would always sit me down, to calm me down, and put a band-aid on it to make it feel better. This is not what really made it better.

The love I felt from my mother was what made me feel better. I truly believe that love can be the solution to many different kinds of pain that people may experience throughout their life. I once met an incredible lady who faced a type of pain that I have never had to experience. I work for a local photographer, and we had a lady come in to pick up a very beautiful and unique picture of her and her husband. They both looked incredibly happy and in love. She came into the office one day to pick up her order. She started to immediately cry once she looked at the picture. I complimented her on the picture and said how beautiful it was. She then began to tell me how she had terminal cancer and how she and her husband needed to get some updated photos of her and her husband for her funeral. She was only supposed to live for a few more months. She and her husband were high school sweet hearts. She said once they had found out she had terminal cancer, she was so depressed with her life and just wanted to die. Her husband kept saying how he loved her and that they would just make the best out of the time they had left. This completely changed her thoughts; she had a reason to live because she wanted to be with her love. It changed her total outlook on this problem and pain.

I have heard many other stories of how love has helped over come a person’s pain or has just helped a bad situation. This has completely changed my outlook on life. If a person who knows that they are going to die, but can remain happy because of love, then I know that many problems I will face can be overcome by love.