This I Believe

Jake - napoleon, Ohio
Entered on December 8, 2006
Age Group: 18 - 30

Don’t put off till tomorrow what could be done today

Putting off till tomorrow what could be done today is the motto of most teenagers my age, because teenagers don’t realize the true responsibility they are given and how it can change their life. The way I look at it is, life can be a lot more productive for an individual, if he or she did that one last chore that they had planned to save till tomorrow to do and did it that day. Every day after you had done that one last chore, you would always be ahead and it would create less stress in your everyday life. I believe that most of the stress in most people’s life is from a burden of things that need to be finished.

Life in this day and age is to clustered with things to do, and holding off on getting something finished, can cause a multitude of problems that causes unnecessary stress. For instance at the beginning of every week my parents make a list of thing that need to be done before Friday comes around I want to go out for the weekend. At the beginning of the week when I get the list, I realize right away that I cant wait around and just say I’ll do it tomorrow, because we all know that things come around and your buddies come over and it never works out just saving it for the next day because something always comes up.

In my life right now, I am faced with many things that I have to do in a short amount of time. Such as getting college applications filled out, and visiting all of these schools too. This year a lot of my home work is assigned in longer assignments that have due dates that are a week away, so getting my priorities straight is a major topic in getting my work finished and turned in on time. I believe that not saving anything for tomorrow helps build responsibility and confidence that one can benefit from for a lifetime. Through this essay I hope to change your idea on putting off till tomorrow what could be done today.